Young Muslims in Hertfordshire rally for peace at Vicarage Road

The Voices for Peace event came following the grim prophecies of their leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad who claimed “a World War now looms large before us” and “if immediate, wisdom-based policies are not adopted, the world will face devastation.” The rally, hosted by Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) Hertfordshire, saw 64 attendees at Watford’s football ground, including Terry Douris, chairman of Hertfordshire County Council, various faith leaders, and members of the Council of Faith.

Dave Messenger, the equality, diversity and inclusion lead at Watford FC, started proceedings by stressing the significance of such events. Hiba Tul Mohsin Abid, deputy president of AMYA UK, gave an introduction to the association and the Voices for Peace initiative. In attendance were Rabbi Mordechai Chalk and Reverend Tony Rindl, among faith leaders advocating for peace and a swift ceasefire.

A keynote speech was given by Imam Tahir Ahmad Khalid, a regional missionary for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, offering an Islamic view on war and conflict as outlined in the quran. Participants had the opportunity to enquire and converse while refreshments were served. AMYA members are now lobbying Members of Parliament and promoting the #VoicesforPeace social media campaign to raise further awareness and international intervention.