Muslim youth group in Preston clean the streets for the New Year

Members of a Muslim youth group in Preston took part in their annual street cleaning event on New Year’s Day. A group of seven from Preston and Blackburn started the new year by giving back to the community and cleaning the streets. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK (AMYA) organised the event, with more than 1,800 volunteers taking part on Monday 1 January across the country.

The group woke up early for pre-dawn prayers then took to the streets with bin bags and litter pickers. The initiative aims to nurture cleaner and more inviting neighbourhoods for all, a service deeply rooted in the Islamic faith, which also promotes the importance of actively contributing to society.  Head of community service for AMYA UK, Mubashar Raja, said: “New Year’s Day offers a splendid chance to kickstart the year positively by giving back to the cherished local communities.  “Our street cleaning endeavours not only enhance aesthetics but also aim to inspire community pride.” Those interested in participating in future community initiatives can email,