Members of the Hartlepool Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) tidy Hartlepool’s streets on New Year’s Day

Members of the Hartlepool Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) met at Brougham Terrace for pre-dawn prayers before using litter pickers and bin bags to clean the neighbourhood.

Organisers have praised their efforts as “an energetic display of commitment to community well-being and hygiene”.

Eeqan Ahmad, the president of Hartlepool AMYA, said afterwards: “New Year’s Day offers a splendid chance to kickstart the year positively by giving back to the cherished local communities.

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Volunteers assembled at sunrise before cleaning up parts of Hartlepool.

“Our street cleaning endeavours not only enhance aesthetics but also aim to inspire community pride.” AMYA’s annual New Year’s Day Street clean-up campaign aligns with Islamic teachings emphasising that cleanliness is an integral part of faith while also underscoring the importance of actively contributing to society. For those interested in participating in future community initiatives by AMYA, email Malik Fraz Ahmad on