Milton Keynes Muslims hand £500 for Mayor’s Charities


Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK in Milton Keynes have signed a £500 cheque for the chosen charities of the Mayor of Milton Keynes.

Usman Chaudhary told the Citizen: “Ahmadiyya Muslim Association was established in the UK since 1913, and we built London’s first mosque in 1926 – The London Mosque in Putney. We now have one hundred branches across Britain and have opened a number of mosques including the landmark Baitul-Futuh Mosque in South London, which is the largest in western Europe.

“We are a community that stands for education, integration and interfaith peace, and we welcome you all to visit our mosques as well as our numerous seminars and events that bring people together to understand more about each other. We are also committed to helping others, engaging local communities and working for the common good.

“These past 100 years have proved and serve witness to the fact that the members of the Ahmadiyya community have always fulfilled the requirement of ‘Being loyal to the country in which they live,’ and have always steered absolutely clear of all forms of extremism, rebellion and disorder.

“Our community stands apart, as we have continually introduced the true and peaceful teachings of Islam to the people of the World and we have always strived for those true teachings to become accepted as the real Islam. Teachings and values such as loyalty, freedom, equality, respect and peace.

“Our sect has become the standard bearer for peace, reconciliation and harmony, which is why Our motto is ‘Love for All, hatred for none.’”