Local Muslim cleric says ISIS must be exterminated

A PROMINENT Muslim cleric has branded the Islamic State (ISIS), as a “terror organisation” which poses a physical threat to the survival of the human race and must be exterminated from the surface of the globe.

Addressing the third day of the Jalsa Salana, staged by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at its centre, Polo Grounds, Preysal yesterday, Maulana Ibrahim Bin Yaqub, also identified the Ebola virus as another catastrophe which is creating havoc in the world.

Bin Yaqub said, “I speak about ISIS and Ebola. As far as the ISIS is concerned, it is a terror organisation consisting of fanatically-driven Muslims. Their interpretation and understanding of Islam is quite different from what we know. This organisation is a menace to the world and the world should treat it as such. The world must do everything to exterminate it from the surface of the globe.”

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