Local Muslims decry Ottawa, Quebec attacks

Ahmadiyya Muslim Rally

Saskatoon’s Islamic leaders condemned last week’s attacks on soldiers in Ottawa and Quebec, calling them despicable acts which have no legitimate connection to their peaceful faith.

“I’d like Canadians to see this for what it was – reprehensible violence. This was not religious. These were criminal acts,” said Abdullah Patel of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon).

Patel expressed his deep sadness for the families of the two soldiers killed.

“They put themselves in harm’s way to protect people, to protect our freedoms,” he said.

Zahid Abid, imam for Saskatoon’s Ahmadiyya Darul Rahmat mosque, agreed.

“We feel terrible for the families of those soldiers who died,” Malik said.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community organized a rally to support those victimized by the violence. They waved Canadian flags and signs with slogans such as “Love for all, hatred for none,” in front of Saskatoon City Hall Saturday afternoon.

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