Muslims for Life holding blood drive in New Orleans

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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA began its fourth annual nationwide “Muslims for Life” blood drives in August. This three-month campaign, ending Nov. 11, emphasizes the sanctity of life, a teaching inherent in all religious traditions.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA has a goal of collecting 13,000 pints of blood, with the intent to save up to 39,000 lives.

“We are holding and promoting blood drives throughout the nation to emphasize the sanctity of life,”¬†Imam Noman Rana, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA of Kenner said.¬† “The idea behind this campaign is also to promote the concept that the life of every single person, regardless of his faith or ethnicity, is sacred.

On a nationwide basis, various mosques, churches, synagogues, libraries, universities, and other public locations are scheduled to set up blood donation centers.

A blood drive will be held on Nov. 8, at the First Grace United Methodist Church, located at 3401 Canal Street in New Orleans.

For additional information, contact Imam Noman Rana via cell 847.504.7382, e-mail or visit web: