Wolverhampton volunteers tackle New Year’s Day city litter-pick

Fifteen people, aged between seven and 40, took part in the clean-up on New Year’s Day. The group cleared bottles and takeaway boxes from pavements and even scooped up a pink high-heeled shoe from a bus stop. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) organised the event. “This is one way of us giving back to the community and this is what our faith teaches us,” said Zaied Janjua, 32, who leads the Wolverhampton branch of the group.

‘Serving others’

The AMYA, which is open to Ahmadi Muslims up to the age of 40, has chapters across the UK and around the world. Mr Janjua said the New Year’s Day clean-up was a tradition as it encouraged young people to start the year with an act that “serves humanity, serves others”. Mr Janjua, who runs the group as a volunteer alongside his job as an HGV driver, said they intended to continue litter-picking throughout 2024. The group plans to work with the council to choose times of year when they can be most helpful, such as bank holiday weekends.