Spen Valley Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Organise Virtual Coffee Morning

On Thursday 18th February 2021, the Spen Valley Branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association (AMWA) hosted a virtual coffee morning to celebrate and discuss the meaning of “Love For All Hatred For None.”

Love For All Hatred For None is the motto that is at the core of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its long-standing commitment to interfaith peace and integration.

Mrs Rashda Ahmad, outreach coordinator of the Spen Valley AMWA, introduced the activities of the AMWA and noted how various forms of love provide fulfilment and contentment, and help us grow as individuals. Mrs Iqra Mir from the Spen Valley AMWA then spoke on the history of the motto “Love For All Hatred For None” and its significance for the works of AMWA.

Other speakers included Jacqui Wicks, a creative practitioner and musician from Ossett, who emphasised the value of the art of listening and of dialogue with people with whom we may vehemently disagree, and Judith Greenwood from Batley Smile who said that kindness should be continuous and not “random” because someone is prompted to act in a kind manner.

The main presentation by Miss Nayab Mirza highlighted the key methods to develop a peaceful and loving society.  She called for all to fulfil the rights of others by serving humanity, irrespective of faith or background, and by showing gratitude, loving one’s parents, and by helping friends neighbours and orphans.

Despite the function being held online the AMWA arranged for chicken and vegetable biryani to be sent to all the attendees.

Comments on the event include:

“That beautiful quote (Love For All Hatred For None) makes us think about it when we read it, but it is easily forgotten when we are angry.  Religion does not come into it. It should be something that all humans should follow” – Mrs Sarmilla Dhangar

“Sadly, I think this quote is easily forgotten. When we come across it, we think deeply about it, how life would be so different if we all understood it and followed it.” – Ayushi

“That was so lovely and heart-warming.  What wonderful young people you have.  Thank you so much for inviting me – the buzz from our Zoom is a great feeling” – Judith Greenwood

“Whoever made the biryani, please thank them, it is delicious, I am just finishing it off for my lunch. Thank you for organising today, you are so very kind, and it is most appreciated” – Jacqui Wicks

“Thank you for the lovely food, it was delicious as always” – Councillor Lynn Masterman