Britain’s biggest annual Muslim convention warns of danger of Third World War

A world faith leader has called on nations to seek solutions to modern conflict – like the war in Ukraine – by seeking justice to attain rather than revenge. His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, said vested interests should not deflect from the pursuit of peace by seeking to ‘humiliate the aggressor’.

His Holiness, who is Caliph to the Community, made his comments ahead ofBritain’s biggest annual gathering of Muslims – the Jalsa Salana – which takes place over three days in Alton, Hampshire, from July 28-30. More than 40,000 are expected to attend the convention for spiritual regeneration and affirming ties of kinship. The Caliph said: “Chapter 5, verse 9 of the Holy Quran categorically states that you must not let the enmity of any nation or party prevent you from upholding the true standards of justice and equity. Accordingly, punitive sanctions or other unjust measures that prevent a nation from moving forward post-war and limit its freedom and prosperity should be avoided at all costs.”

He said it was critical that nations sought “at all times, to establish peace instead of seeking revenge or humiliating the aggressor. Nor should the underlying intention ever be to line one’s pockets or to exploit the conflict to advance vested interests. Otherwise, those who have been demeaned will undoubtedly harbour a sense of injustice and resentment. Such frustrations are bound to eventually boil over and lead to further conflict and so the cycle of incessant violence will continue to rotate with ever greater fury.”

The Caliph has repeatedly warned of the dangers of conflict escalating and consuming the world in a Third World War. He therefore said it was essential to bring about peace: “The truth is that war often begets war. There are genuine concerns that the Ukraine conflict could spread or that other nations could be emboldened to abandon diplomatic efforts to resolve their disputes and resort to force. For example, the situation in Taiwan is becoming increasingly precarious as China seeks to assert its  control. Hence, world leaders, the media and others should not fall into the trap of thinking that the war in Ukraine can be easily contained.”

He said the increasing risk of a global war should cause nations to re-double their efforts to seek an end to conflict: “Whatever wrongs are being committed by the Russian State, we must keep in mind the broader picture that if the war is not brought to an end, it will lead to a deepening global crisis with potentially catastrophic results. Opposing blocs will become further entrenched. Hatred will become even more deeply-rooted, increasing the likelihood of a world war. Hence, as they continue to support Ukraine as it defends itself, world powers should also be making every possible effort to end the war through peace talks and good-faith negotiations.”

Ahmadi Muslims are part of the oldest established Muslim communities in the UK having opened Britain’s first purpose-built mosque in Southfields, London, and also Britain’s biggest mosque in Morden, Surrey. Rafiq Hayat, the UK Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, said the injunction from the Caliph to seek peace and justice, rather than revenge, was a lesson that applied to everyone. He said: “At our annual convention, we will be reminding people that it is their duty as Muslims to be loyal, peaceful and dutiful citizens – to protect others and be of service to humanity. Our faith is expressed by our devotion to God’s creation and by our abilities to benefit society and build stronger, more cohesive communities. Love for All, Hatred for None is our ethos and something we put into practice.” The convention will be addressed by world leaders, civic, religious and political figures, and will house exhibitions.

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