Muslim women in Burton raise more than £10,000 for the Poppy Appeal

Women from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community group in Burton have raised an impressive £10,650 for the Poppy Appeal. It is the latest event they have organised and saw them collect money for the Royal British Legion appeal. The Ahmadiyya group in the town gets involved in community projects which have included helping with litter picking at the Branston Peace Woods in Burton. The group has also donated money to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s tree planting initiative in the past. The Ahmadiyya Muslim faith focuses on loyalty to its homeland, equality, freedom, respect, peace, love, harmony and interfaith dialogue. The mission of Ahmadiyya Muslim faith is to serve humanity and to establish universal peace and brotherhood and sisterhood which is continued through spiritual successorship (Khilafat) of the religion’s Promised Messiah, said a spokesman.

The Burton group is part of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which has members spread across more than 200 countries. The group is involved in many humanitarian projects, including funding free hospital and health care, education and schools, providing clean drinking water projects and sustainable environment energy projects across the globe. Most of the projects take place in poor countries. Dr Bushra Anas, president of the Burton women’s wing said: “As Muslims, we believe in supporting charity without discrimination and as British citizens we feel proud to be partaking in this communal act of philanthropy to show our loyalty. Indeed it was an overwhelmingly great experience for me to participate in the Poppy Appeal as it shares the belief of loyalty to homeland. It’s also a chance for us to show our respect and loyalty and to tell everyone who we are and what we stand for.”