Leicester Peace Conference Promotes Global Unity

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Leicester held a virtual Peace Conference on 5th March on the topic: “Quest for Global Unity, is there any Hope?” A welcome address was delivered by Mr Ibrahim Bonsu, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Leicester in which he introduced the charitable works of the community and their role in promoting peace and raising awareness of the fragile state of world unity.

Three guest speakers then spoke at the event:

Assistant City Mayor for Leicester Councillor, Mrs Rita Patel

Leicestershire Police, Sergeant Yusuf Nagdi

Regional Missionary from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – Imam Zartashat Latif

Councillor Rita Patel commended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on their inspiring works in serving humanity. She reminded participants to reflect on the legacy we want to leave our future generations and stated we need to curb the growing trend of uncertainties, inequalities and dangers that lie ahead, regarding unity and peace.

Police Sergeant Yusuf Nagdi stressed the need to build trust and confidence between all communities and the Police force. This will foster peace in society and allow all parties to promote tolerance in the community.

Imam Zartashat Latif reminded the audience about the strength that exists in unity and the weakness that exists in disunity. For example, globally scientists by working together, were quickly able to develop a vaccine to build immunity against the global Covid-19 pandemic. With the same concerted efforts, mankind is able to achieve great heights if we leave our selfish interests behind and work towards a common goal of mutual interest. Moreover, absolute justice and equal rights must prevail in all dealings between the rich and poorer nations of the world.

The peace conference audience was approximately 200 and the event concluded with a vote of thanks by the Regional President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mr Syed Imtiaz.