Inside the tiny Muslim community in Cambridge you may never have heard of

The Ahmadiyya Muslims of Cambridge have only 127 members in their tightknit community.

They started to arrive in various parts of the world in the ‘70s, from Sri Lanka to the streets of Chesterton, in part because of the introduction of laws in Pakistan that contributed to the societal repression they were already living under there.

The group in Cambridge consists of families now three generations deep, students who arrive to study here as well as new arrivals like Cambridge’s latest local Imam (leader of worship), Zawar Ahmad.

Zawar Ahmad is 25-year-old from Gujranwala in Pakistan. He studied for 7 years for his post, and now leads worship in the Ahmadiyya Mission House on Mowbray Road in Cherry Hinton.

Settling in Cambridge was made easier by his neighbours, who made Cambridge proud by welcoming him with open arms.

“We’ve been loved by our neighbours – they’re very welcoming. I use the Next Door app which helps you get to know them. They listen to each other’s issues or if someone needs help. I always see messages on there, people always receive replies to their problems.”