In the Words of the Caliph: Extracts from meetings and addresses in the past month

The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad held various virtual online meetings with audiences based around the world.

Islamic teachings about abortion

“Islam says that you should not kill your children because of the fear of their upbringing, or [fear of a lack] of finances. That is the only thing which Islam prohibits for abortion. Otherwise, Islam says that if the health of the woman is at risk, you can do abortion. If the baby is not properly developing, you can do abortion. In the case of rape, also, if a woman says that she cannot bear the burden of this child, for example because of the society, that they will raise fingers on her all the time – and even if the child is born, the child will also face difficulties in his or her environment – then the mother can decide to get it aborted, Islam permits it. But not because of the fear of poverty. Not because [of the worry] that, ‘How can I take care of the child?’ This is the only thing. Allah says that, ‘I provide you for your well-being, I provide you your food, and I am The Provider. So, you should not kill your baby, or kill your unborn child because of the fear of poverty.”

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Gun violence in the United States

“Show sense, don’t be senseless. That is the foremost duty of the people of United States and the government as well. Where there is frustration, these atrocities happen. If you forget your duties, your obligations and the purpose of your life, then these atrocities occur. Hence, it is the responsibility of Ahmadi Muslims, as true Muslims, that [they] let the people understand what are their duties and obligations, what is the purpose of their life. So, discharge your duties that you owe to your Creator. You know that the purpose of your life is not just to attain the worldly targets, but to worship Allah the Almighty, bow before Him, and always keep your eye on your life hereafter. And then you should know that the second important task given to us as a religious person, as a human being, is to discharge our duties we owe to each other. So instead of trying to snatch and grab your rights, you should try to give rights to others. If every person realises this and gives due rights to the other person, then this frustration will automatically vanish.”

“The United States should also enact some laws to stop these mass shootings. If there is no restriction, if everyone is free to go to the arms shop and buy whatever he likes or she likes then what is happening is the ultimate result of it. So in my view, the [United States] government should also now take steps and they should impose some restrictions. At the very least, they should impose an age limit on those permitted to buy arms – especially automatic or semi-automatic [guns].”

“At the same time, the programmes which are being shown on television, internet or media channels, they are also showing extremism, fights and violence which also encourages a sense of fun among the youngsters [in relation to guns]. That should also be checked and stopped. As far as we  are concerned, we cannot do anything. Rather, it is the duty of the government to put some legal restrictions. Legislators should enact some law in this regard. Our duty is that we should pray for the people of the world, for the people of our country that Allah the Almighty gives them sense, and also preach to the people and let them understand what their responsibilities are.”

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Ahmadiyya Caliphate and Government

“The position of the Khalifa is that of a spiritual leader. He will never govern any country. The Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) has stated, ‘What have I to do with [governing of] countries? For my country is most distinct from all others. What am I to do with crowns? For my crown is the attainment of the pleasure of the Beloved.’ The task of the Khalifa of the time is to carry out spiritual reformation. What if there is majority of Ahmadi Muslims in one country (and the Khalifa were to have political leadership) and then later, another country also becomes majority Ahmadi Muslim? The second country will then say, ‘We cannot disagree with that country because we have taken the pledge of allegiance with the Khalifa.’ Then a third country will also become Ahmadi Muslim and then a fourth and so on. Therefore, this political or governmental system will continue to function independently and the Khalifa of the time will guide all in spiritual matters.”

“It should be clear that the Khalifa has nothing to do with the running of governments. The Holy Quran has stated that if two Muslim groups or countries fight, then others should reconcile between them and if they do not desist from fighting then deal with them firmly and then when they stop fighting, do not carry out any injustice against any of them and be fair and let them become established on their own feet. This all refers to Muslim countries, which means that multiple governments will be present. When the Holy Quran was revealed, at that time there was only one government, which was that of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). After that it remained as a unified government in the time of the Rightly Guided Caliphs. Thereafter, when there was a period of kingship, the stronger government remained united for a long time. After that the smaller governments came about. It was a prophecy that governments would be established in this way and at that time, after the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him), who was the Seal of all the Caliphs, the Khalifa of the time was to carry on the responsibility of spiritually guiding people. If any of them fights – just as there are conflicts between neighbours or brothers – then the Khalifa of the time shall reconcile between them. Therefore, the Khalifa of the time will not be running the government of any country.”

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