Crawley women mark centenary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women group with tea party

Women of Crawley held a women’s centenary tea party to celebrate 100 years of Ahmadiyya Muslim women organisation in the town on December 3. The event, was attended by over 100 women and girls not only just Muslim but from others faiths as well. Various exhibitions and stalls were organised; alongside that cake competition was conducted and winners were awarded. Following the event, refreshments were arranged for everyone. Exhibitions included showcasing the history, the founding principles and the work of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Organisation. Another exhibition was on the various teachings of the Holy Quran, like charity and inter-social harmony.

There was a book stall with a vast variety of books and leaflets for all ages as well. Other than that, there was a hijab corner, a calligraphy stall, a henna stall and a Serving Humanity stall portraying the various activities that Ahmadi Muslim women of Crawley do to support people in need. The organisation would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the women for attending and making this event a success