Crawley Coronation celebrations 2023: Kings Coronation Party event at Crawley Mosque

Over 40 guests inc. neighbours, friends, army and police participated as well as members of the local Ahamdiyya Muslim members who attend the Noor Mosque for lunch. The President of the AMA Crawley branch Adeel Shahzad, said:“The UK AMA is celebrating the event up and down the country to share the nation’s joy on the occasion of the King’s Coronation with parties and prayers. Events included sharing delicious food cooked and served by the AMA community as well as games and fun for children. Our Worldwide spiritual head, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad sent a message of special prayers for the King where his Holiness said:“I pray that the occasion of His Majesty’s Coronation proves not only a means of bringing people of different nations together but also a means of fostering a spirit of trust and mutual understanding in society and between nations.

“It is my prayer that may God Almighty through His Grace and Beneficence, keep our honoured King safe and in good health. May his reign be one of peace and prosperity for the world, and may the attributes of justice, tolerance and freedom of belief forever remain the guiding principles of the British Monarchy. Amen” At the Noor Mosque the proceedings began with recitation of the Holy Quran by Atta-ul Haq followed by a short speech by Lt. Harry Brimacombe from the Prince of Wales’ 4th Battalion in Northgate, who outlined “the importance of the special occasion and the uniting of different communities and what joy and honour it was being part of those celebration at Noor Mosque” Jeredyne Stanley, from River’s charity for empowering women explained how the organisation helps women and said:“our programmes and resources help local women to expand their skills and become an active part of our community. We also signpost the community to other organisations that can support them.” Several members of the group attended the celebration.

Ahsan Ahmedi, the spokesman for the AMA Crawley in his address stated that:“faith has always been our inspiration and not just from the teachings of Islam, but others also as all religions are from God”.He cited examples of Prophet Moses (pbuh) on how “he did not rebel against the Pharoah but after delivering the message of God, he led his people to migrate following the consecution persecution. But remained loyal to him up until that moment”. Likewise, he said, when Jesus (pbuh) was confronted by those trying to stir trouble, “that to whom should loyalty belong, to God or Caesar?” he replied “to both in their own right- Lend to Ceasra what belongs to Ceasar and to God what belongs to God” (Mark 12:17)

Finally, Mr. Ahmedi cited the example of the Holy prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) that “After severe persecution in Mecca, he sent some of his companions to Abyssinia to live under the rule of a fair and just Christian King and to live in peace and in obedience under him. In fact, some companions even joined the Kings army to fight a battle to protect his nation and after winning that battle, the companions showed great joy that they had won and had protected the King. “It was this principle of Islam, to be loyal to the country where you live, which led to the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, the Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (pbuh) to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and also King Edward VII’s coronation in 1902.

“Loyalty to one’s nation and giving back to society as loyal, peaceful citizens is a fundamental duty of every Muslim, especially to a nation which grants you freedom of faith and to live in peace, something Mirza Ghulam Ahmad highlighted in the book he wrote as gift to Queen Victoria on her Jubilee entitled “Gift to the Queen” The Ahmadiyya Muslim Assoc. (AMA) celebrated the King’s Coronation at Noor Mosque on Langley Drive (May 7) The proceedings at Noor Mosque ended with everyone present standing for the National Anthem and then concluded with silent prayers for the King, nation and world peace.

Over 100 people attended the event at Noor Mosque who enjoyed the food provided by the community, cooked by their catering team led by Muhammed Harris.