British Muslim Community Celebrate Yet Another Diamond Jubilee

It would surprise many to know that an established Muslim Community in Britian is celebrating the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee , and it may surprise further that the celebrations are kicking off with 100 buses carrying a message ‘ Congratulations Your Majesty!’.

London buses message of Jubilee congratulations to the Queen from Ahmadiyya Muslims UK

Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the Ahmadiyya Community had sent a congratulatory message to Her Majesty Queen Victoria – some 115yrs ago – to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.  And even then, all those many years ago, the community marked the occasion by lighting up  their Mosques  many thousands of miles away from the UK.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community came into being for the express purpose of following and promoting the true teachings of Islam. One of those teachings, emphasised by the founder of the community, was loyalty to one’s country and its rulers. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee occured in his time when Britain ruled India, and it is out of what Islam teaches that the Ahmadis have always remained faithful to the countries in which they reside.

In the case of the UK , The British Ahmadis have paid to have the message of congratulations spread across London Buses to express the message loud and clear and for all to join in this monumetal occasion.

While Ahmadi Muslims have used Buses to create awareness of the values of Loyalty, Peace , Equality, Freedom and Respect – it was fitting to use the Buses to both express the message of loyalty for your nation, through the sentiments of congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen.

In conjunction with this specific bus campaign,  there are a number of activities local branches of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will be doing.

The bus campaign is a central part of a series of activities to mark the Jubilee including:

  • A letter from His Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, to HM The Queen congratulating her on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee
  • UK-wide interfaith peace symposia
  • Jubilee street celebrations across the country as well as a programme to feed 10,000 homeless and other people in need in the UK as a part of the Big Lunch celebrations
  • The lighting of all its mosques across the UK and prayers to be offered for the Queen at Jubilee weekend
  • Charity events in aid of British charities with a major national event – the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Charity Walk – at the Tower of London on Sunday 13 May to raise funds for the Queen’s charities
  • A national blood drive to help save lives

Read more about this celebration on the Jubilee Celebration  Press Release