Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association spread festive cheer in Milton Keynes at MK ACT

MK Act is a charity which focuses on aiding and supporting families that have suffered from fear and other such issues resulting from Domestic Abuse.

For over 45 years they have been providing safe, emergency accommodation for those affected and their children, providing a fresh start and helping them to reintegrate into society.

Currently they are providing refuge for 28 families, including 56 children.

A spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association (AMWA) says: “In Islam, the giving of charity is repeatedly given great importance throughout the Holy Quran.

“The hallmark of a true Muslim is that he should care for all of God’s creations and should comfort and support those in need. Not only this but Islam also gives clear instruction to safeguard and protect women in society.

“As such the Milton Keynes branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association (AMWA), also called Lajna Ima’illah, have worked in partnership with MK Act since early 2017 to donate for various events.”

This year, after independent fundraising, they were again able to provide a generous donation of 49 Christmas gifts appropriate for various age ranges so that they could be distributed to all the families and add some festive cheer for the holidays.