Ahmadiyya Muslim group hands out food to homeless in Surrey over Christmas period

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association is providing 10,000kg of food to the homeless across the UK this December, much of it in Surrey

The youth branch of a Muslim organisation in Surrey is handing out up to 10,000kg of food to homeless people this Christmas.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), part of the Ahmadiyya community whose world headquarters is in Tilford, is going out into the community to hand out food to those who need it.

Members were out on Christmas Day and continue to do so throughout December.

Qamar Zafar, an Imam and press and media executive for AMYA, says: “The majority of the events happen in Surrey; we go out and help distribute food and clothing.”

On Christmas Day a group of chefs got food ready from 1pm to serve it at 4pm to elderly people, providing transport for them to meet others and have some food.

A separate street team woke from 4am to litter pick and clean up the streets, with food handed out to anyone on the streets or in need.

The group has visited care homes and hospitals to hand out gifts, and even planted trees.

Qamar says the project to feed the homeless is also about trying to tackle the root causes of homelessness. He said: “We are noting down the challenges that they are facing and seeing how we can give them opportunities.

“This year, it’s about finding out what the problems are – why are some people not able to get jobs? Next year, it will be about sorting these issues.”

hey are looking to the future for ways to improve the lives of the homeless, liaising with Humanity First international aid agency to find ways to provide things like a soup kitchen or shelter in future winters.

Abdul Quddus Arif, the national president of AMYA, said: “Even though we currently don’t have the capacity to give everybody a home, the least we can do is provide our brothers and sisters on the streets across the UK with a meal and some company.

“We as Muslims do not celebrate Christmas, but it is our duty to stand by our countrymen and women.”

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