Ahmadi Muslim women aim to plant 100,000 trees in the UK

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association UK is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2022 and has pledged to plant 100,000 trees across the UK.

For this purpose, hundreds of volunteers from the community across the UK have been spending their time planting trees. Tree planning sessions are organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association in conjunction with the local council. Some of sessions are shown below:

Ahmadi Muslim women and girls from North Wales planted 72 trees at Dee Park Wood.

Ahmadi Muslim women and children from Luton planted 168 trees at the Forest of Marston Vale, Bedford.

Ahmadi Muslim women from the East of England planted 364 trees are various locations in the area.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association in Walsall planted 680 trees at different locations in Wolverhampton.

Ahmadi Muslim ladies from south west London were delighted to help plant 78 trees in Wimbledon Park.

Ahmadi Muslim women from Bexley and Greenwich visited Southmere Park where they were able to plant 600 trees.

Women and children from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association in Bradford teamed up with the Queen’s green canopy to plant trees in Bradford, West Yorkshire. 15 women spent a few hours in the cold to plant over 600 trees.