The Ahmadis, The Poppies and The Underground

Launch of Poppy Appeal from Fazl mosque London

the Appeal Kicks off in London Mosque

While many would not normally associate Muslims with helping to raise funds for the the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal ahead of remembrance Sunday, it is fast becoming a regular fixture for the Ahmadi Muslim Community in the UK.

This year, the youth movement of the community has once again mobilised young men to help the the Legion sell poppies across the London Underground train stations.

The ITV news report below tells alot more about the activity.. ..and also some history to the London Mosque, in Southfields, which was used as a shelter for residence during Blitz of London in World WarII.

ITV News Report on Poppy Selling by Ahmadi Muslims

In Islam charity and loyalty to one’s country of residence are key pillars of social harmony that’s why Ahmadi Muslims support Poppy Appeal.  They are also active in raising funds for other charities throughout the year to play their part in promoting peace.

Only a few weeks earlier, volunteers from the community were mobilised to help collect donations for victims of the Pakistan’s recent flood in the south of the country. For Ahmadi Muslim’s there is no contractiction in serving the cause of one’s nation or assisting the plight of their fellow man around the world.

Image of buckets and boxes in preparation for Poppy selling at mosque.

Boxes & Buckets and Baitul Futuh mosque – a few weeks before remembrance Sunday


Last year’s appeal was a huge success and this year looks set to follow on.