24-hour football marathon to help tackle extremism

A FUNDRAISING event will be held in Trafford this weekend in memory the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK (AMYA) will be organising the 24-hour football effort in collaboration with the British Red Cross, tomorrow, at Powerleague Trafford Soccerdome.

It is set to involve more than 40 teams, from local businesses to interfaith groups, to sports clubs, and up to 250 Muslim youngsters.

The money raised will go towards the UK Solidarity Fund, which was set up by the British Red Cross in 2017 following attacks both in Manchester and London.

The fund helps people affected by terror attacks in the UK and Humanity First, a humanitarian charity run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, to help impoverished regions around the globe regardless of faith, colour or creed.

The event is part of the Mercy for Mankind Charity Challenge 2018.

This challenge is a charitable initiative started by AMYA, which consists of various events aiming to contribute to British society financially, socially and environmentally.

Through its various activities, AMYA in the year of 2017 alone raised a staggering £800,000 for more than 20 British charities, bringing its total to over £3 million.

Abdul Rauf Lodhi, event organiser, said: “Last year, Manchester was stunned by a horrific attack which took 22 innocent lives and we are holding this event in Manchester in memory of those victims.

“We are organising events across the country to help the youth understand the true peaceful values of Islam and to become involved in positivity while having fun.

“Football has always been a sport that unites communities. Our youth members are not only keen footballer’s but they are also committed volunteers who strive to serve those in need as they have been taught that this is a religious duty of a Muslim.

“The whole event is organised by volunteers and 100 per cent of the funds raised will go to the cause.

“We are British, we are Muslims and we stand united against extremism.”