Youth group up early on New Year’s Day to pick litter in east Oxford

A group of young people continued a New Year’s Day tradition – by taking to east Oxford kitted out with bin bags and litter pickers to rid Cowley Road of rubbish. More than half a dozen members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association met on the Oxford road after early-morning prayers, collecting sacks full of litter. The group was comprised of collectors aged between 10 and 40. Youth leader of the Oxford group, 33-year-old Kaleem Ahmed said: “At a time when we need unity and togetherness, this is a great opportunity to bring people together from different walks of life to serve the country in which we live in as one team.

“Islam teaches us that ‘loyalty to your nation is part of your faith’ and this is something which I and my fellow young Muslims strive to live by every single day.” The anti-litter drive was part of a nationwide campaign by Ahmadiyya youth groups, with similar New Year’s Day rubbish picks taking place up and down the country.