Young Muslims join council in New Year Croydon litter pick

Young Muslims from Croydon joined the council in a litter pick to clean the streets after the New Year festivities.

Volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) were up at the crack of dawn to remove night time debris in the town centre after the biggest party of the year.

Zeeshan Bashir, youth leader for Croydon, said: “Our members have enjoyed living in Croydon for decades and so any opportunity to help our local Community is a much welcomed one.”

“Cleaning the streets of Croydon also presents us with an opportunity to become better Muslims as Cleanliness is an integral part of our faith.

“Giving up a couple of hours can make a huge difference. We are a peace loving and well organised association which will continue to help make this great part of England an even better place to live in.”

With more than 8,600 members and 214 chapters spread across the UK, the organisation is known for charitable community work.

In 2017 it raised over £1,000,000 for British charities, planted 25,000 trees, fed 14,000 people and visited over 6000 people in care homes and hospitals to counter loneliness.

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