Young Muslims help their community through tree planting

Young members of an Islamic community association helped to make their local area leafier and greener. The volunteers came together to plant 500 trees at East Park The youngsters from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association took part in a community tree planting in East Park in Wolverhampton on Saturday. Joining other people from the community in an environmental initiative by Wolverhampton Council, the young members helped to plant 500 trees around the park.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association youth leader Zaied Janjua said the initiative was one the Ahmadiyya community supported as it followed an Islamic teaching of caring for the environment. He said: “This is an initiative from the council which we’ve supported for a few years and whenever they do these sessions, we go out to the locations and encourage the youth to physically take part and participate. “We support anything that is a good cause as Islam teaches us that anything that you’re doing for humanity is part of our faith and one way of doing this is by physically demonstrating it. “This is also for us to give back to the community and also to educate the youth that serving humanity is part of our life.”

Mr Janjua said the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Wolverhampton would be running and taking part in a number of community activities during the year. He said: “We’re trying to organise a blood drive at the local mosque and make the community aware of it so that they can come and donate as part of a wholesale blood donation. “We are also going to run our litter picking sessions, which will see members of the Ahmadiyya community out on the streets in our neighbourhood, as well as our weekly donations to food banks and shelters. “That means we’ll be visiting the local shelters, such as P3, and food banks like Humanity First and we want to continue to support different charities during such a difficult time.