Young Muslims feed Sheffield’s homeless

Young Muslims feed Sheffield’s homeless

A group of young Sheffield volunteers are taking to the streets to deliver hot meals to the homeless.

Members of AMYA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association) regularly take food parcels out once every week or two weeks to give to those who are in need.

The group, a branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, believe in spreading kindness and helping others as part of their duty to serve the community.

Local youth leader of AMYA Sheffield, Hassum Nusar said:  “The people are very happy that we go there. We just give them the food, we don’t tell them we are from AMYA.

“This all comes from our own pockets, we don’t ask for any donations from them or from anyone else. We go to our young people, our friends and family and ask them to help.

“Last week we gave out fifty food packages, twenty packages we gave out in the town centre and then another thirty through our organisation.

“One lady, I don’t know how long she had been sitting out in the cold for – she didn’t even check what food was inside, she just opened it and ate it. That’s how hungry people are.

“It’s very important we do this and that we get the young people involved, we don’t think about ourselves, we’re just thinking about our society.

“Anyone can join us, it doesn’t matter if they’re Muslim or Christian or whatever. The basic aim of what we do is just to serve humanity.”

AMYA is one of the largest and oldest Muslim youth groups in the UK, with over 8,600 members spread across it’s 124 chapters in the UK.

Members of the organisation frequently take part in community activities including tree planting, street cleaning and food bank donation sessions, among other activities.

For the past few years, the group has raised thousands of pounds in support of the Poppy Appeal and the group will be fundraising for the charity again in November.

For more information on the work AMYA are doing or to get involved in the projects the Muslim Youth group untertake, visit the website.