Wycombe community group support fight against terror following death of al-Shabab recruit Thomas Evans from Wooburn Green


A religious community group in High Wycombe has shown support in the government’s fight against extremism, after a man from south Bucks was killed fighting for al-Shabab.

Thomas Evans, from Wooburn Green, is believed to have joined the terror group in 2011 and died last month during a gun battle in Kenya.

His family, who still live in the area, have said in the past that they believed he became radicalised while living in the area.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community High Wycombe president, Suleman Hashim, says he supports the aims of the government to “curb extremism”.

He said: “No true Muslim could contemplate acting against the laws of the land and so if he or she does, then strict law enforcement in such cases is necessary.

“However, we do not agree that the term ‘Islamic extremism’ should be used in this context and is in fact misused by the media and by politicians.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community considers terms that seek to link Islam with extremism or terrorism to be entirely wrong.

“This falsely associates the peaceful religion with evil acts of extremists and is entirely unhelpful and counterproductive.

“Radicalisation by ISIL or anyone else needs a collective response.

“Families have a role to play in ensuring that their youth remain active citizens, faith leaders have a role to guide people to peace and social harmony and governments and media need to ensure that moderate voices are given a platform to present the true peaceful message of Islam.

“Governments must also promote and uphold justice in international affairs.”