Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, has
praised the role of the media in the aftermath of the tragic murder of 3 Ahmadi
Muslims in Cikeusik, Indonesia on 6th February 2011. He said that both the national
media in Indonesia and the wider international media had given fair and extended
coverage to this atrocity. He said:

Media outlets like the Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe and many international
organisations have strongly condemned this attack and tried to influence the
Indonesian government accordingly. The media and intellectual classes in
Indonesia have had the courage to make a stand against the cruelty and because
of this there remains hope that their society will progress. If only such courage
would develop amongst the media and educated classes of Pakistan

His Holiness said that these attacks had belied any form of decency and were
conducted in such a barbaric way that initially the dead bodies of the Ahmadis could
not be identified. He quoted a report by the Asian Human Rights Commission which stated that many religious scholars in Indonesia and their followers failed to see
anything wrong with the attacks. His Holiness said:

Today’s Ulema (religious scholars) are turning the clock back thousands of years
by committing acts of utter barbarity and depravity all in the name of Islam and
are instructing their followers to do the same. These people have even hardened
the hearts of their children so much that when the murders and violence were
taking place, children stood by applauding.

His Holiness said that what pained him and all true Muslims most of all was that
such brutality and violence was being committed in the name of the Holy Prophet
Muhammad who had taught of love, compassion and mercy throughout his life.
His Holiness continued that the Ahmadi Muslims who had sacrificed their lives were
true martyrs and were the shining stars of Ahmadiyyat. His Holiness said that the
opponents of the Jamaat, wherever in the world they were, could try their utmost
but they would never succeed in weakening the faith of an Ahmadi Muslim.
Ahmadi Muslims were united and would always remain so not just in their faith but
also in their loyalty to the countries. His Holiness said:

“Every Ahmadi Muslim, no matter where he lives, is loyal to his country. Indeed
we pledge that we will never partake in any action through which our loyalty to
our country could be questioned. As part of this loyalty we pray that may God
release our nations from the clutches of the oppressive people.” 

Tubaqus Chandra Mubarak (34) was a born Ahmadi Muslim who is survived by his
pregnant wife. He was a very sincere Ahmadi Muslim. At the time of the attack he
was inside the Ahmadiyya Mission House towards the front. The assailants attacked
him with knives and then suspended him from a height and continued to beat him.
He was later taken down and his dead body was further beaten and mutilated.
Ahmad Warsono (38) joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in 2002. He is survived
by his wife and four children. At the time of the attack he was inside the Ahmadiyya
Mission House. The assailants attacked him with knives, machetes and sticks. His
body was then brought outside where he was continually beaten mercilessly whilst
the police looked on.