West Fife: Limekilns hosts Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Fife and Edinburgh for Queen Elizabeth II tribute

FIFE’S Muslim community has been given the opportunity to pay tribute to her late Majesty the Queen at an event in Limekilns. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Fife and Edinburgh came together last week with members of the public at the village parish church to reflect on the life and service of the monarch. Usman Saeed,president of the organisation, said: “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II symbolised unity, tradition, heritage and continuity – she was an abiding presence in all of our lives.

“Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones. “Our hope is that her rich legacy will continue through the work of her son, King Charles III, and we wish him strength. “As Muslims, we express our abiding loyalty to King and country. God Save the King. Also in attendance were councillors Lynn Wardlaw and David Barratt, as well as Jim Leishman, Provost of Fife, and MSP David Torrance. The group offered prayers for the royal family, while visitors could sign a book of condolence and view an exhibition showcasing photographs through the Queen’s life.