UK’s oldest Muslim community to raise £1m+ for UK charities

The much-anticipated Charity Walk for Peace, an extraordinary initiative by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association, is set to captivate hearts and minds on 25 June 2023 This remarkable event will take place at the esteemed Bait ul Futuh Mosque in Morden, serving as a beacon of hope and unity for people of all backgrounds. The Charity Walk for Peace stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to humanity. Driven by the unyielding duty to serve and inspired by the principles of Islam, we strive to alleviate the suffering of the impoverished and promote peace, understanding, and goodwill among individuals from every walk of life.

Since its inception in 1985, the Charity Walk for Peace has left an indelible mark on communities across the UK. Thousands of compassionate individuals have participated each year, collectively raising more than £9 million, which has been distributed to more than 615 UK registered charities. This extraordinary generosity has provided practical assistance and support to vulnerable individuals who need it most. With each passing year, Charity Walk for Peace grows in significance and impact. We are immensely proud to be an integral part of the UK’s oldest established Muslim community, empowering us to foster compassion and support charitable endeavours. Our unwavering dedication to our country and nation is demonstrated through this extraordinary event.

What sets the Charity Walk for Peace apart is the tireless devotion of our unpaid volunteers. These selfless individuals make the event possible and ensure that every pound donated directly benefits those in need. With no administrative costs, every contribution becomes a lifeline for vulnerable members of our society. We extend an invitation to journalists, media representatives, and esteemed guests to join us at the Baitul Futuh Mosque on Sunday 25 June 2023. This is an opportunity to witness the firm spirit of unity, compassion, and service that defines the Charity Walk for Peace. Through their powerful stories and first-hand experiences, our participants will demonstrate how this event transforms lives and strengthens the bonds that connect us all.

For more information about the Charity Walk for Peace and to register for this momentous event, please visit our website at We eagerly await your presence and the opportunity to share our vision of a world filled with love, understanding, and harmony. Join us on this remarkable journey towards a brighter future. The Charity Walk for Peace is an initiative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association, deeply rooted in the principles of Islam. Since 1985, the event has united thousands of compassionate individuals, raising funds for numerous UK registered charities and organizations that provide vital assistance to vulnerable individuals. By promoting peace, understanding, and goodwill, the Charity Walk for Peace strives to alleviate suffering and foster unity among people from all walks of life.