UK’s oldest Muslim community holds ‘Discover Islam Week’ in Thorpe

As the world witnesses a deeply distressing conflict in Israel and Palestine that has far reaching implications, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is holding a special ‘Discover Islam Week’ from February 26, to March 3, to bring together communities in solidarity, condemning any form of cruelties and hatred and promoting a message of hope for peace. It will feature a daily Exhibition on the topic “Pathway to Peace”, a food item collection for Runnymede Food Bank, coffee afternoons and an Interfaith Peace Conference.

Sohail Qureshi, regional president of AMA Middlesex, said: “We believe all faiths teach peace and this event will send a message that we stand united against hatred, and must take every step possible to work for peace. This is what Islam and all faiths teach. By coming together we will reinforce these values.”

The events are listed below:

  • Exhibition (Pathway to Peace): Mon, Tue, Thu, 2pm to 4pm. Wed, Fr, Sa, 3pm to 7pm.
  • Interfaith Peace Conference: Sunday, March 3, 5pm to 7pm. (Free event including a three course meal). You can register to attend the Interfaith Peace Conference here.

The Discover Islam Week will be held at Thorpe Community Hall in Ten Acre Lane, Egham, TW20 8SJ. Find out more information about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community here.