UK: Humanity First UK to distribute Water Survival Box’s emergency aid to Nepal


Humanitarian aid is being sent to Nepal by the Westfield based Water Survival Box charity.

A total of 500 boxes will be on their way as soon as possible to provide basic aid to survivors of the earthquakes and aftershocks which have devastated the Himalayan country.

The water boxes will be distributed by Humanity First UK with whom the charity worked with the Philippines in the wake of super typhoon Haiyan at the end of 2013 when 600 boxes were distributed.

The 12 strong Humanity First team is scheduled to fly to Nepal on Tuesday evening where it will be offered support by members of the Nepal Trust whose headquarters in Katmandu is being made available to them.

But with the scale of the disaster increasing every hour, Worldwaterworks Limited, managed by seven senior members of the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge, has launched an appeal for donations to help replace the boxes being sent out and, if needed, to send a further consignment over the next couple of weeks as the search continues for survivors and work starts to repair the country’s infrastructure.

Donations can be made online via our website or sent to Worldwaterworks Ltd, Westfield Business Centre, 32A Second Avenue, Westfield Trading Estate, Midsomer Norton BA3 4BH.

The emergency response has been mounted just days after the project was visited by Rotary International President Peter King who had praised the work carried out by the volunteer team.

The Water-Survival Box project arose from the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean and each box contains a water purification pack to provide clean drinking water and a range of essential survival items. These include utensils for feeding and drinking, health and hygiene items, basic shelter and simple tools, various household items.

Since 2006 a total of 9,985 WSBs have been sent in response to 41 disasters in 25 countries across the world and helped protect some 100,000 people from water borne disease.

Just weeks ago 200 boxes arrived in Chile for families displaced by mudslides and floods affecting two provinces in the north of the country