UK: Amadiyya Muslim Elders Association serves-up support to Keighley Salvation Army

Keighley Salvation Army lieutenant Rebecka Cotterill with Keighley Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association members

MEMBERS of Keighley Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association have served-up support to the town’s Salvation Army.

The association donated a Tuesday-night community meal at the High Street church.Over 30 people enjoyed a curry.

Association president, Aziz Rahman, said: “Our main aim is to serve humanity and promote our community’s motto – Love for All, Hatred for None.”We were extremely touched by the warm response we received.”The individuals who benefit from the meals are either struggling financially or come to enjoy some company and good food, as it gives an opportunity for community cohesion and building friendships.
“We believe that kindness changes people and refreshes people’s hearts, in the hope that they want to do the same for others.
“It was a pleasure serving them and we hope to support the Salvation Army in its great work in the future.”Keighley Salvation Army lieutenant Rebecka Cotterill said the church was delighted when the association offered to provide a meal.”Curry happens to be many people’s favourite!” she added.”We are also hugely pleased to be working with other faith groups in Keighley, as we believe that a strong community comes from working together to serve each other and those in need.”We want to thank the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association for its initiative and generosity.”