Trinidad: No Terrorism in Islam, says Ahmadiyya Muslim scholar

Ross receives books on Islam from Leaders of Muslim group Maulana Ibrahim Bin Yaqub

The world must therefore unite to exterminate this deadly cancer which is slowly devouring the entire fabric of peace in the world.

THERE is no link whatsoever between the teachings of Islam and the acts of terrorism, or any form of violence, that are being perpetrated by Islamic-based organisations globally, said an Islamic scholar.

Maulana Ibrahim Bin Yaqub, Amir and Missionary-in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of TT (AMC), instead noted that such acts violates the teachings of Islam since “true Muslims” are supposed to be the protectors of mankind and not the annihilators of mankind.

“Various terror organisations like Al-Qaida, ISIS or IS, Al-Shabaab, Boko-haram, Taliban and others like them are all in total violation of the teachings of Islam. Their clandestine activities, which militate against Islamic teachings, are neither traced to the Holy Qur’an, nor to the teachings of the Prophet of Islam,” said the Maulana.

He made the comments in delivering the feature address at a Peace Symposium held at the National Centre of AMC at Preysal, Couva. The theme of the event was ‘Religion, Freedom and Peace.’

Sharing some examples from the history of Islam, Yaqub said that a Christian delegation from Najran, Saudi Arabia, visited the Prophet to find out about the true teachings of Islam. The religious leader recalled that the Holy Prophet of Islam did not only offer the Christians the highest form of hospitality, but he allowed them to worship in his main Mosque when the Christians decided to go to the open field to offer their devotion to God.

“The world must therefore unite to exterminate this deadly cancer which is slowly devouring the entire fabric of peace in the world,” Yaqub charged.

He recalled that on March 14, the World-wide Head of the AMC, Hadhrat Mirza Masoor Ahmad, in his feature address at the 12th National Peace Symposium ‘categorically condemned’ all forms of terrorism and extremism. Maulana Yaqub went on to quote from the speech of Ahmad whom, he said, has written extensively on world peace.

The Maulana reminded the gathering that the AMC is a religious organisation and its only desire is for the world to recognise its creator and for mankind to fulfill the rights of one another. This is why the Community adopted “an eye-catching and captivating” phrase as its slogan, “ “Love for all, hatred for none”.

Maulana added: “Without returning to God, one cannot attain peace and without that peace, peace in society cannot be built. Let us turn to eternal life, everlasting joy and real knowledge so that we may enjoy perpetual peace and tranquillity, both here and here after,” he suggested.

Representatives of other faiths such as Hindu, Christian, Judah, and Sikh attended the symposium and gave remarks.,209942.html