Tooting Muslims to ‘promote peaceful teachings of Islam’ at huge festival this weekend

Tooting Muslims are off to a spiritual Glastonbury

Tooting Muslims are off to a spiritual Glastonbury

Tooting Muslims are flocking to a field in the English countryside for what is being heralded as Britain’s biggest annual festival of faith.

A tented city has been erected near Alton in Hampshire, with giant marquees to host the 30,000 or more delegates from across the globe to the Jalsa Salana taking place from August 2-4.

Syed Shakeel Ahmed, regional president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Tooting will be one of many attending the festival.

Wandsworth Times:

He said: “The event has been likened to a spiritual Glastonbury – but instead of the music and songs we have religious hymns and prayers.

“At a time of growing division and hatred in the world, especially with the rise of extreme views, this convention, with the spirit of voluntarism and promoting the peaceful teachings of Islam, is refreshing to see.

“It showcases that Muslim are a part of society.”

He added that the objective of the convention was spiritual reformation, as well as “uniting against extremist acts in the name of Islam.”