This letter from an eight year old Muslim girl sums up everything that is wrong with Cameron’s policies

I worry that they will take our mum away and stop me from wearing my headscarf when I grow up to be a scientist.
This is a letter sent to 10 Downing Street by eight year old Sadiya Rahman.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Sadiya and I am eight years old. The other day me and my brother heard my mum and dad talking about what Mr David Cameron said about Muslim mothers. We were worried thinking they will take our mum away.She does not speak English to us. She immigrated to this country from India. My dad says there is nothing to worry about as she studied English Literature for her degree. But she speaks to us in Urdu because she wants us to learn it. Plus she speaks English in a different accent we find funny. But she does not like it.

She used to help in school as a volunteer until she had our baby sister a few months back. Dad says we do not need to worry as our mum is talented and she helps others. But I do feel sad for other mothers and their children. How awful they must feel if their mums are taken away.I see my mother wearing headscarf when she is out. I really like that so I also wear it. I wear it because I like to wear it, not because my parents force me to. The other day my dad asked me if I ever feel forced to wear it and my answer was no.

In November we went to raise money for the Poppy Appeal. Our photos were in the newspaper. I wore headscarf in the photo as some people think that Muslims are bad. I wanted to show them that Muslims are good. Of course there are some bad people who are Muslims. But aren’t there bad people everywhere?When I grow up I want to be an author and scientist. I want to help people. I have also heard that Cameron may ban us from wearing headscarves. I want to grow up and wear a scarf even when I am an author and a scientist. I will be very upset if I can’t wear my headscarf while helping people.
Sadiya Rahman is a student of Year Three. She lives in London with her family. The handwritten unedited letter appears below: