Scunthorpe mosque launches campaign against extremism

A SCUNTHORPE mosque has launched a campaign against extremism.

Worldwide organisation Ahmadiyya Muslim Association held a special event at its mosque on Cliff Closes Road recently.

In his welcome address, Muzzaffar Ahmad, president of the Scunthorpe chapter, emphasised the “urgent need of eradication of the seed of extremism that is trying to emerge as a result of a small fraction deviating from the British values”.The association has also launched a leaflet to “educate tolerance” and “propagate mutual respect”.Speaking about the event, Mr Ahmad said: “Dr Kamarudin Mohammad presented the teachings of Islam from The Holy Quran and the sayings of Prophet of Islam on sanctity of human life, tolerance, mutual respect and promotion of peace in the society, which are in harmony with the core fundamental British values.

“In his presentation, he highlighted how Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is practically acting on these teachings and inculcating them in their younger generation.”Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community have started distributing leaflets going door-to-door hoping to develop better understanding and information for all to help kerb extremism.As reported, planning permission has been granted to turn the current site on Cliff Closes Road into a new mosque.The picture below shows an artists impression of how the mosque will look.