‘Rising Muslim hate’ sparks peace call at Alton gathering.

The largest Islamic gathering in the UK has opened with a call to end “hate incidents” among Muslims.

Around 30,000 Ahmadi Muslims from dozens of countries are holding an annual convention at Alton, Hampshire.

On Tuesday, Tanveer Ahmed, a Sunni Muslim, was jailed for life for the religiously-motivated murder of Ahmadi shop keeper Asad Shah in Glasgow.

Support group Tell MAMA said there had been “a rise in intra-Muslim hate incidents” since the murder in March.

Iman Abou-Atta, who is from the organisation which monitors attacks on Muslims, said: “It’s from different sects of the Muslim community that perceive the Ahmadiyyas as non-Muslims.”

In April it emerged leaflets calling for the killing of Ahmadis were found displayed in a London mosque.

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