Religious leaders come together to boost community cohesion following Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris

Local dignitaries join in the Ahmmadiyya Muslim Association Religious Founders day at Baitul Tauhid Mosque. Kiran Bali addresses the audience.

Religious leaders came together on Saturday to help tackle prejudice and discrimination.Head of local religious groups from the Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Islamic communities met at the Baitul Tauhid Mosque in Fartown to discuss what could be done to foster better community relations.

The special event was organised by the Huddersfield Ahmadiyya Muslim Association following the attacks by Jihadist terrorists in Paris last month.Also present at the event was Yorkshire Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope, who listened to debates and discussions and joined in a question and answer session involving members of the public.

Fatih Ul-Haq, president of the Huddersfield Ahmadiyya Association, said: “It was a really positive day.“We hosted it because since the attacks there has been a lot of misconceptions about Islam, which we want to tackle.“We all want to create community cohesion and decided that to do this we will begin programmes and have more events that bring our communities together to help them learn about different religions and promote tolerance.”