Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations: Crawley Mosque invites guests to celebrate Platinum Anniversary

Ahmadiyya Muslim Assoc Crawley, based out of Noor Mosque, Langley Green will be honouring Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Anniversary on Saturday, June 4.

As loyal citizens of Britain, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Noor Mosque will be celebrating the Jubilee by holding a lunch, which will give the opportunity for friends, neighbours and members of the local community to take a tour around the Mosque. The local President Sheikh Najeeb Rahman, said: “The Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Crawley wish Her Majesty our heartiest congratulations on this joyous occasion. Britain during her reign has become a very multicultural society who live in peace with much to appreciate.

Islam teaches us to be always loyal to those who rule you with fairness and to give back to live in peace and help others. We are delighted to celebrate the Jubilee just as the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Reformer did back in 1897 for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in India.
“In fact he wrote a book entitled, ‘A gift for the Queen’ in which he acknowledged his appreciation of her reign where everyone was able to practice and worship according to their faith. We too are very grateful to the Queen that that freedom is still afforded to us here in Britain”.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community will be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee all over the country and participating in the various celebrations. Event organiser Mr. Adeel Shahzad said:

Noor mosque has been a centre for holding events that promote peace and integration and we wish to do the same for Her Majesty’s Jubilee.”

Members of the community are really excited that we are yet again holding such an event, especially the children. We hope others from our neighbourhoods will join us on this special occasion.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association wish her Majesty the Queen good wishes for this landmark achievement and May God keep her in good health. Ahmadiyya Muslim Assoc was founded in 1889 in Qadian, India by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who claimed to be the Promises Messiah and Reformer as expected by all world faiths.