Peterborough Interfaith Week launched with Faith Walk

The group made their way to St Mary's Church on New Road.

On Sunday Inter Faith Week started in the city with a Faith Walk starting at Peterborough Cathedral.

The group made their way to St Mary’s Church on New Road.

Inter Faith Week has started in Peterborough, as communities from all faith groups and relgions come together to celebrate inclusivity and respect for different cultures, traditions and beliefs.

Inter Faith Week 2021 takes place from Sunday 14 – Sunday 21 November.

To mark the beginning of the week members from all walks of faith, religion and belief came together for a Faith Walk to the different places of worship in the city. 
The walk started at Peterborough Cathedral, going to Peterborough Faizam e Madina Central Mosque and ended at the Hindu temple Bharat Hindu Samaj Mandir on Rock Road.

The group also visited the Hindu Community Centre on Rock Road.

The group also visited the Hindu Community Centre on Rock Road.

Every year, Inter Faith Week begins on Remembrance Sunday, and runs until the following Sunday. Remembrance Sunday was chosen as a start day by the Interfaith Network to encourage people to remember together the contributions of all faiths and none, and to consider how best to create a just, peaceful, and harmonious world.

President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Peterborough, Hasib Zafar said: “Acts of kindness towards other communities and faiths are an important part of Islam, our motto is Love for All, Hatred for None, and we take part in the happiness of others. We are taught that everything we do is to reform our attitudes and become better people. Islam tells us to help others regardless of their faith and believes and those who are in need. “Our reward is the pleasure of God.”

Other events are taking place this Inter Faith Week including an event on Wednesday (17) at Peterborough Cathedral at 7pm.