One of UK’s youngest Imams busts myths about Muslims for Ramadan

One of Britain’s youngest Imams is on a mission to change the public’s perception of Islam at the start of Ramadan. Sabah Ahmedi, 28, wants to tackle the misconceptions that have given rise to shocking levels of Islamophobia in the UK. According to a recent study by the University of Birmingham, Muslims are the ‘second least liked’ group after Gypsy and Irish Travellers. It is no wonder Mr Ahmedi, known as ‘The Young Imam’ on Instagram, is so keen to show what life is really like for British Muslims. ‘People feel that Islam is a religion of violence and terror and it’s not like that,’ the dad-of-two told

‘Killing an innocent person is a sin, that’s in the Holy Quran. Another big misconception is that the headscarf or the hijab does not allow women to integrate in society. ‘Again, this is not true. My wife wears it and she is a secondary school teacher. ‘I work with people whose mothers are dentists, doctors or they work in the public sector, so that look has not stopped them from integrating.