Nottingham Muslims head to conference to promote peace


Nottingham Muslims say they are proud to be British as they head to a conference promoting peace this weekend.One particular teaching in the Holy Quran is dear to their hearts – that to kill one person is like killing the whole of humanity. The atrocities of terrorism repulse them.That is why the 49th Jalsa Salana is so important in spreading the message that radicalisation and extremism are abhorred.

Sherwood’s Dr Irfan Malik will join the 30,000 people at the event, Britain’s biggest and oldest Islamic convention.

He speaks freely about the challenges Muslims face and how they are working to combat extremism. He says no-one from Nottingham has been lured by Islamic State to Syria. Their organisation is educating young Muslims to prevent them being groomed to fight for IS.”We are strongly loyal to Britain and our armed forces,” said Dr Malik, of Nottingham Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

“We are keen to speak out against terrorism and how our organisation is against all forms, especially ISIS.”Our organisation is about peace. That is what the conference is about. We teach children from a young age about respect and tolerance for other people’s religion and views.”Mumtaz Malik, of Bakersfield, the president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, who is also going to the conference, said: “Islam means peace. We, as Muslims, should show practical examples of peace – helping the local community, charity work, generally being a positive factor in society. This includes being loyal to the country we live in.

“Extremism is being tackled by engaging with local MPs and the Government to debate our concerns and find some solutions. Ahmadiyya Muslims practise the motto, ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’.”The fields of Oaklands Farm, in Hampshire, have been transformed into a mini-city of prayer halls, hospitality tents, camping sites, a ‘bazaar’ and a bread-baking studio, for the event.

The keynote speaker will be His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the 5th Khalifa (Caliph) of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.He said: “In Europe, north and south America, Africa, Asia, Australia and all other parts of the world, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is united under the banner of peace.”Whilst our community is promoting the message of true Islam – love, affection and peace – throughout the world, some young people are being misguided and radicalised to create disorder here and abroad, in the name of a senseless and false Jihad. The injustices in the world are fuelling dissatisfaction, and It is vital that leaders take heed to promote harmony and peace based on justice, as that will have lasting benefit.”