Muslims of Doncaster volunteer to clean-up local Minster

Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Doncaster will clean inside and outside Doncaster Minster.

Local members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK (AMCUK) have volunteered to take part in the Big Spring Clean 2022.

Volunteers from Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Doncaster will litter pick inside and outside of the Doncaster Minster.

The clean-up will take place on Saturday, March 26.

Four members visited the Minster earlier this month to meet with the Vicar, Reverend David Canon Stevens.

The aim of this visit was to discuss how to build a strong relationship by working together to benefit the people of Doncaster.

Bilal Mahmood, lead outreach coordinator at Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Doncaster, said: “We are very thankful to Reverend David for accepting our desire in such a welcoming manner.

“We hope and pray to God that we are able to keep playing our part in spreading positivity in the wider community of Doncaster and beyond in this manner.”

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