Muslim community prays for ‘hero’ NHS workers before Ramadan


MEMBERS of Glasgow’s Muslim community took part in a national prayer last night for frontline staff and key workers dealing with the demands of Coronavirus.

Just days before Ramadan, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), the UK’s largest Muslim youth group, organised a nationwide #PrayForHeroes on Thursday, April 16.

Up and down the country, Imams are running online classes, viral videos, workouts and quizzes for their youth free of costs and have supported 2698 British families, 43 charities and councils and 600 NHS staff so far.

Humayon Ahmad, a member of the Glasgow AMYA, said the organisation was doing more to help people across the city.

He explained: “Because of the situation with Covid-19 everything is new territory.

“We already help feed the homeless by donating food to shelters, which we are continuing to do, but we have decided to step that up and help the most vulnerable people in our community.

“We have been collecting medicine and grocery shopping for people who are unable to get out.

“AMYA has a national helpline which allows us to work from home. It also means we can receive a call from anywhere in the UK.

“When that happens, we then get in touch with our members from that area who provide the right advice or provisions to the caller.”

As 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide prepare for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, more than 6,000 young British Muslims took a moment, last night, to pray for and show their gratitude to the NHS, fire brigade, police, council and voluntary workers on the front line against COVID-19.

Mr Ahmad and his family proudly took part.

He continued: “Muslims believe in love for our nation and fellow humans. I took part in the prayer.

“Every Thursday my five-year-old daughter and I take part in the Thursday night clap for our heroes.

“We all need to get through this together. By doing so we can help each other. We want to pray for the people on the frontline and the key workers who are doing an amazing job.”

Those who need help can contact the national helpline on 0333 880 6619 or visit