Milton Keynes Muslims donate 1000s of PPE pieces to local frontline workers

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) in Milton Keynes have donated 2000 face masks to nurses, care homes, charity organisations, volunteers of food banks and key workers in the local community.

The AMYA has at least 30 volunteers currently deployed and working to help vulnerable people in the city.

They provide a range of services; shopping for the elderly, walking the dog of someone who is self-isolating or tidying someone’s garden. AMYA has also been involved in daily donations to food banks, helping the homeless and sourcing essential PPE’s during the pandemic.

Rafeeq Vadakkayil, member of the Ahmdiyya Muslim Community and a local businessmen who sourced essential PPE’s said: “We are a family who are working hard to contribute to our community at this time of crisis. We want to ensure that our heroes have all they need to protect themselves and show our gratitude for all they do. After donation of face masks, we will now be sourcing 1000 visors for key workers.”

Saeed Nazir, Youth Leader for Milton Keynes, said: “Islam urges every person to partake in charitable giving. Our religion says to do good in society and to help people, no matter what colour or religion. These times have brought us together. We want to get away from this and move forward.

“As Muslims, love for our nation is a part of our faith and we also believe that being grateful is a duty upon all Muslims.’’