Living up to the True Teachings of Islam

Representatives of Leamington’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community met nurses at Warwick Hospital just before Christmas to distribute gifts to children who would be spending Christmas on the wards.

Afterwards they went on to Myton Hospice to offer gifts to adult patients.

Youth leader Sabir Rafiq said: “As a youth charity we try to educate young people that we have a social responsbility to help our local communities, especially those challenged by sickness.

“We are trying to do this by getting out into the community and offering smiles and some simple gifts.

“Living up to the true teachings of Islam, we believe it is important to integrate into the community in order to maintain relationships with those we live alongside.

“This was the spirit in which the local Ahmadi Muslims went to spread the goodwill of Christmas to the vulnerable and sick over the festive period.