Leamington Muslim association continues to help people with donations and recipes

They have donated curry starter packs to the local foodbank

Members of a Leamington muslim association have been continuing to help people in the community.

Following on from the production and distribution of 1,000 washable facemasks, the next initiative the Leamington Ahmadiyya Muslim Association has been working is to teach people how to cook Indian curries cheaply and easily.

As such the Association has produced a recipe booklet with five easy to cook recipes and recipe videos.

Zafar Bhatti, president of the Leamington Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said: “Food poverty is on the rise, and many people have been struggling to make ends meet.

“As such in an effort to make it easier for people, I am very pleased that the local Association has come up with some simple and easy to use recipes and instruction videos which demonstrate how to cook an Indian curry from as little as 9p per serving.

“We have ensured that all of the ingredients used in the recipes can be sourced from local supermarkets.”

As well as creating the booklet and videos, the Association also created 50 curry starter packs for distribution at the local foodbank which includes:

~ Packet of zeera, cumin seeds

~ Packet of tumeric powder

~ Packet of chilli powder

~ Bottle of garlic and ginger paste

~ 500g passata

~ White chickpeas tin

~ 1kg of rice

~ Red split lentils packet

~ Recipe booklet

To access the videos go to: tinyurl.com/CheapEasyCooking

The next initiative the local Association is working on is to provide some kickstarter free tuition lessons in GCSE Maths, Physics and Religious Education.

Should anyone wish to get more information of this they can contact the association by emailing: leamingtonspa@ahmadiyyauk.org

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