Huddersfield Muslim Youth Group Calls for Food Donations to Help Feed Hungry Kids

The Muslim Youth Group in Huddersfield is offering to help supply free school meals after Man Utd and England striker Marcus Rashford’s bid to ensure no schoolchildren go hungry.

The England striker told BBC Newsnight he was “overwhelmed” by the support offered by councils and businesses recently to help provide free school meals where they were not available.

The response by the community came after a bid by Labour to offer free meals to children was rejected by MPs earlier this year.

In an effort to tackle this issue, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Group in Huddersfield has also stepped up and is calling on businesses and organisations that it is happy to help facilitate region-wide distribution of free school meals.

AMYA is also providing food parcels for Humanity First in Mirfield.

Sikandar Mahmood, regional youth leader, Yorkshire, says: “This has been a tough year for people of all ages and backgrounds.

“Whether it has been the sick and elderly who are unable to leave their homes or our valiant response teams like the NHS who are working tirelessly to support our country, we have been on a mission to ensure that such people are provided proper food and PPE through the help of our door-to-door delivery service.

“Now that schools have reopened, many parents will be concerned for the welfare of their children.

“AMYA is always happy to help and is calling upon all businesses and organisations so that we can work together and deliver these school meals.”

This is not the first time AMYA has stepped up this amid the Covid crisis. Their various campaigns of providing food and medicine have helped more than 20,000 households with more than 6,000 units of PPE donated to front line workers, as well as over 1,700 meals delivered to students and their families.

The organisation has also helped 24 charities and 34 food banks.