Global Muslim Community Renews Pledges For Peace

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community UK will mark the end of Ramadan and celebrate Eidul Fitr on Thursday September 1 in a way the community has done from its very inception over 100 years ago- by devout prayers for peace.

The community, one of the oldest Muslim organisations in Britain, is engaged with “Muslims for Loyalty, Freedom & Peace” bus advert campaigns, fundraising for UK charities, blood donor sessions, and inter-faith symposiums across the UK.

After a month of fasting, Ahmadi Muslims will be reminded that the lessons of Ramadan should continue throughout the year.

Rafiq Hayat, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK said:
“Peace, charity, humility and steadfastness are all qualities that Ramadan inculcates, but as the month ends we must be reminded that these are qualities that are part of our daily lives throughout the year, and not just for the holy month. Ahmadi Muslims should be beacons of good citizenship in their local communities and contribute to the well-being of the nation in which they reside.

“We extend a message of goodwill to all across the globe, irrespective of religion or no religion. May Allah bring peace and harmony to us all.”

Worshippers will gather at Western Europe‟s biggest mosque in Morden, Surrey, to mark the end of Ramadan and from where the supreme head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, will broadcast his sermon live around the globe via the community‟s own satellite TV station, MTA.
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